Registration for Summer 2023 will open February 1st.

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GetAhead Program 2023 Dates to Know

  • Semester 1: June 20 – July 7 (no class on 7/3 & 7/4)
  • Semester 2: July 10 – July 25

Please note that the majority of courses span the full 6 weeks, with Health or one session of PE as the exceptions.

Should you need any further information, please do not hesitate to email us

2023 Course List

Below is a list of courses to be offered. We will be updating this course list as courses are added. If you have suggestions of courses you would like to see offered, please email Please note that this summer’s program will be conducted in either a Synchronous Learning Model or an Asynchronous Learning Model. 

Synchronous Learning:

Those classes being taught within the Get Ahead Program in a Synchronous Learning environment will utilize a set schedule of class meeting times each day through a virtual online platform.  During these meeting times, the instructor will provide direct instruction and learning opportunities for students to interact with the instructor and other students.  In addition to these class meetings, the instructor will post assignments that students will be expected to complete and submit electronically.  This learning environment will emulate a typical classroom environment while utilizing the virtual online platform to support the instruction and delivery of material by the instructor. 

** CVUSD students-Please note that Chemistry CP/H, the subsequent course to Biology CP/H, requires a grade of “B” or better in Biology CP/H, and concurrent enrollment in Algebra 2 CP/H is recommended for both Thousand Oaks (TOHS) and Westlake High School (WHS). The requirements for Chemistry CP at Newbury Park High School are identical to those at TOHS and WHS.  However, it is recommended that students matriculating to the honors levels in science at Newbury Park High School, or any other CVUSD or non-CVUSD school, consult with their counselor to determine best options.

2023 Course List Continued

Asynchronous Learning:

Those classes being taught within the Get Ahead Program Asynchronous Learning environment will allow students to access, complete, and submit course materials within a daily schedule that the student sets for themselves.  The instructor will post material and assignments and will be available for support and assistance through individual communication between the instructor and student.  Students will be expected to compete and submit these assignments electronically. This learning environment relies on students being more independent in their learning opportunities. 

Policies and Procedures

The Conejo Schools Foundation GetAhead Program (GAP) utilizes CANVAS as our learning management system. If you are currently a CVUSD student, you will be assigned a unique CSF student ID number and login. Our program DOES NOT utilize the CVUSD CANVAS platform or login information.

Digital Acceptable Use Policy

Non-Discrimination Policy

Family Life Parental Consent Form

GAP Additional Information

Payment – Must accompany registration. Acceptable forms of payment are checks or credit card. (A nonrefundable fee of $5 is charged for all credit card payments.) If paying by check, please make the check payable to Conejo Schools Foundation and put the student’s first and last name and course in the memo section of the check. Please include your phone number on your check. There will be a $25 charge for all returned checks (no exceptions), and the student will be removed from the class and placed at the bottom of the waiting list. Please contact if you would like to set up a payment plan.

Confirmation of enrollment: Your receipt is your confirmation of enrollment. Final course confirmation will be emailed the first week of June. There is a nonrefundable charge of $5 for the convenience of all online payments. Your original registration receipt — which indicates if your student was placed in a class or is on the waitlist — is your confirmation of enrollment status. If your student is on a waitlist, you will be notified as space becomes available. You will receive an email with more information about the particulars related to the GetAhead Program (such as classroom details and teacher information) in the beginning of June.

Refund policy: Students that are placed on a waitlist that are ultimately unable to be accommodated will receive a full refund. Students that withdraw from summer school prior to June 1, 2023, will receive a partial refund of 50% of the tuition fee. No refunds will be issued after June 1, 2023. No exceptions. (The $5 processing fee will not be refunded under any circumstances.)

Communication: You will receive a confirmation of enrollment email upon registration, an updated information email toward the beginning of June and a welcome email from the course instructor a week before your course begins. The instructor will send daily emails or host online sessions to ensure open lines of communication between students and teachers. Teachers are available for course and grade-related questions, and the principal is also available at the

Attendance policy: Within our GetAhead Program, we utilize two different learning environments: Asynchronous Learning and Synchronous Learning. Attendance will be monitored through student participation each day that class is being held. This participation will look different depending on the learning environment being utilized. In the Asynchronous Learning environments, students are expected to login daily to the online platform being utilized by the instructor. In addition to log in, students are expected to access posted work/assignments, complete work/ assignments, and submit work/assignments according to the schedule provided by the instructor. In this environment, a student may choose to work ahead to complete assignments but may not fall behind. In the Synchronous Learning environments, students are expected to log in and participate in class lessons and activities during the scheduled time of the class. This schedule and timing will be established by the instructor of the course prior to the first day of the class. In addition to the “meeting time,” students are expected to access, complete and submit posted work/assignments according to the schedule provided by the instructor.


Scholarship opportunities available. Please contact us at about this process.


Contact GAP Administration

For more information, contact will connect you directly to the GAP Principal and administration.

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GAP Summer 2023

GAP classes will be conducted as a Distance Learning program this summer. Please contact the GetAhead Program administration for information on our independently WASC accredited classes.