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The 2022 GetAhead Program will be a DISTANCE LEARNING PROGRAM.

Below are examples from our 2021 program
Brochure and 2022 specifics coming soon!

Courses will be held in either a Synchronous Model or an Asynchronous model.
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Teachers: Click HERE to apply to teach

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GetAhead Program 2022 Dates to Know

  • Semester 1 – Tuesday (June 14) – Thursday (June 30) with no class on 6/24
  • Semester 2 – Tuesday (July 5) – Thursday (July 21) with no class on 7/15

Please note that the majority of courses span the full 6 weeks, with Health or one session of PE as the exceptions.


Please  EMAIL us with any questions or call 805-497-9511 x4626


*ALL HEALTH STUDENTS: Please bring your signed Family Life Form on the first day of class. Scroll to the bottom of this page for the form.


Please note that the majority of courses span the full 6 weeks.


2021 Course List

Below is a list of courses for the upcoming summer. We will be updating this list as courses are added. If you have suggestions of courses you would like to see offered, please email Please note that this summer’s program will be conducted in either a Synchronous Learning Model or an Asynchronous Learning Model. 

Synchronous Learning:

Those classes being taught within the Get Ahead Program in a Synchronous Learning environment will utilize a set schedule of class meeting times each day through a virtual online platform.  During these meeting times, the instructor will provide direct instruction and learning opportunities for students to interact with the instructor and other students.  In addition to these class meetings, the instructor will post assignments that students will be expected to complete and submit electronically.  This learning environment will emulate a typical classroom environment while utilizing the virtual online platform to support the instruction and delivery of material by the instructor. 

** CVUSD students-Please note that Chemistry CP/H, the subsequent course to Biology CP/H, requires a grade of “B” or better in Biology CP/H, and concurrent enrollment in Algebra 2 CP/H is recommended for both Thousand Oaks (TOHS) and Westlake High School (WHS). The requirements for Chemistry CP at Newbury Park High School are identical to those at TOHS and WHS.  However, it is recommended that students matriculating to the honors levels in science at Newbury Park High School, or any other CVUSD or non-CVUSD school, consult with their counselor to determine best options.

2021 Course List Continued

Asynchronous Learning:

Those classes being taught within the Get Ahead Program Asynchronous Learning environment will allow students to access, complete, and submit course materials within a daily schedule that the student sets for themselves.  The instructor will post material and assignments and will be available for support and assistance through individual communication between the instructor and student.  Students will be expected to compete and submit these assignments electronically. This learning environment relies on students being more independent in their learning opportunities. 

Policies and Procedures:

Please note that In-Class Course Policies are NOT applicable for this summer


Scholarship opportunities available. Please contact us at about this process.


Contact GAP Administration

For more information, contact
Once school is in session, if you need to contact the administration in an emergency, please call 805-495-2347. 

Contact Get Ahead

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Phone | 805-497-9511  x4626

GAP Location 2021

GAP classes will be conducted as a Distance Learning program this summer. Please contact the GetAhead Program administration for information on our independently WASC accredited classes.