Cash 4 Conejo Classrooms

Cash 4 Conejo Classrooms

Making a diffrence, one classroom at a time.

Conejo School

Celebrating 11 Years of Classroom Support!

Grant money enables teachers to enrich, enhance and extend the educational experiences
of our children. Every CVUSD Preschool – Grade 12 classroom is eligible to participate.

Cash 4 Conejo Classroom Grant Recipients Fall 2022

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Teacher Name School Site
Alexandra Ivarsson Los Cerritos Middle School
Alice O’kieffe Conejo Oaks Academy
Allison Davis Colina Middle School
Alyssa Peters Weathersfield Elementary
Andrea Gannon Newbury Park High School
Angie Ley Wildwood Elementary
Anita Contini EARThS
Anne Lee Sycamore Canyon
Ashley Reed Redwood Middle School
Brian Tash Banyan Elementary
Cameo Carolan Newbury Park High School
Carolee Bechthold Lang Ranch Elementary
Catherine Reeves Walnut Elementary
Cheryl Babcock Maple Elementary
Chris Hanna Ladera Stars Academy
Christina Augustine Cypress Elementary
Christy Pantoja Century Academy
Clark Barnett Lang Ranch Elementary
Claudia Ortega Newbury Park High School
Crystal McElvaney Lang Ranch Elementary
Daniela Ogan Los Cerritos Middle School
Danielle Ellis Newbury Park High School
Debra Niebolt Weathersfield Elementary
Diandra Ito Lang Ranch Elementary
Elissa Spraggins Madrona Elementary
Elizabeth Carr Sycamore Canyon
Emily Manwell Maple Elementary
Eric Lindroth Newbury Park High School
Erin Anderson Westlake Hills Elementary
Esther Dyczkiewycz Cypress Elementary
Gabriele S Hempill Sequoia Middle School
Grace Kim Westlake High School
Harold Hutton Thousand Oaks High School
Heather Dingbaum Redwood Middle School
Jackie Luderer Ladera Stars Academy
Jacqueline Sanchez Conejo Elementary
Jenelle Hogue Walnut Elementary
Jenna Burge Sequoia Middle School
Jennifer Barber Westlake Elementary
Jennifer Boyd Westlake High School
Jennifer Carpenter Sequoia Middle School
Jennifer Lockwood Newbury Park High School
Jennifer Wutkee Los Cerritos Middle School
Jessica Garcia Los Cerritos Middle School
Jing Hu Newbury Park High School
Joan Hartigan Weathersfield Elementary
Judie Wing Madrona Elementary
Julie Herder EARThS
Julie Nerland Ladera Stars Academy
Julie Sharpe Madrona Elementary
Julie Wastell Sequoia Middle School
Kacy Butcher Los Cerritos Middle School
Karen Abbitt Sequoia Middle School
Karen Barker Acacia School for Enriched Learning
Karen Henige Wildwood Elementary
Karin Hochevar Sequoia Middle School
Kate Camp Westlake Hills Elementary
Kathi Byington Aspen Elementary
Kathleen Taillon Sycamore Canyon
Kathryn Mohrhoff Westlake High School
Kathryn Peoples EARThS
Katie Atkins Lang Ranch Elementary
Katie Jan Sequoia Middle School
Katie Janton Sycamore Canyon
Katie Wogksch Sequoia Middle School
Keith Jones Sequoia Middle School
Kelly Prophete Weathersfield Elementary
Kelsey Bartlett Los Cerritos Middle School
Kira Krukowski Shine
Kristen Wilson Cypress Elementary
Laura Wildermuth Lang Ranch Elementary
Lauren White Westlake Elementary
Leah Oviedo Wildwood Elementary
Leticia Pletcher EARThS
Lisa Anthony Sycamore Canyon
Lisa Brown Ladera Stars Academy
Lisa Ravitch Thousand Oaks High School
Lisa Ross Cypress Elementary
Lori Luck Westlake Hills Elementary
Lori Marzalek Banyan Elementary
Lucia Lemieux Newbury Park High School
Lyndee Leavitt Sequoia Middle School
Makenna Murray EARThS
Malena Murray Sycamore Canyon
Maribel Reyes Sequoia Middle School
Marin Albrecht Weathersfield Elementary
Marina Nash CVUSD Preschool
Mark Grider Sequoia Middle School
Melodee Smith Redwood Middle School
Michael Bernstein Sequoia Middle School
Michael X Cowley Thousand Oaks High School
Michelle Eby Banyan Elementary
Michelle Gifford Lang Ranch Elementary
Michelle May Wildwood Elementary
Miles Minton Newbury Park High School
Muriel Miller Glenwood Elementary
Nancy Tracy Lang Ranch Elementary
Owen Ryan Century Academy
Randy Smith Redwood Middle School
Rathy Casperson Redwood Middle School
Rebecca Coger Acacia School for Enriched Learning
RJ Maloney Glenwood Elementary
S. Kelly Bruhl Westlake Elementary
Sara Budzyn Glenwood Elementary
Sarah Winikoff EARThS
Shelley Halpern Cypress Elementary
Stephanie Barlev Westlake High School
Summer Esseff Maple Elementary
Susan Lewis EARThS
Susan Schulte Sequoia Middle School
Tammi Berman Maple Elementary
Terri Johanson Banyan Elementary
Tiffany Garcia Weathersfield Elementary
Tina Huang Newbury Park High School
Tracy Morehead Wildwood Elementary
Veronica Bass Thousand Oaks High School
  • Rose Crystal
  • Laura Detweiler
  • Janet Dieterle
  • Tammy Farhit
  • Heather Farrell
  • Jennifer Fisher
  • Susan Forte
  • Jessica Garcia
  • Denise Gibson
  • Krista Gonzales
  • Casey Graham
  • Heather Gudmundson
  • Carmen Hernandez
  • Cathy Hocutt
  • Jing Hu
  • Terri Johanson
  • Emily Kneller
  • Kira Krukowski
  • Heather Lane
  • Susan Lewis
  • Eric Lindroth
  • Stephanie Lopez
  • Kevin Lynch
  • Kelly MacDonald
  • Sean MacDonald
  • Doris MacDonald
  • RJ Maloney
  • Laura McDermott
  • Muriel Miller
  • Kristen Miller
  • Erin Nassar
  • Laura Nedwick
  • Julie Nerland
  • Leah Oviedo
  • Robyn Peterson
  • Laura Pewe
  • Leticia Pletcher
  • Colleen Poling
  • Tami Pollard
  • Lisa Ravitch
  • Sandra Rowlett
  • Haleigh Salvage
  • Maria Scirone
  • Danielle Senffner
  • Melissa Spiegel
  • Karla Stevenson
  • Michelle Taranto
  • Brian Tash Dave
  • Taylor Nancy
  • Tracy Veronica
  • Virgen Laura
  • Wildermuth
  • Melissa Wood-Glusac
  • Samantha Wright
  • Kerri Vim
  • Toni Young

Partnering with local businesses and individuals to make a difference one classroom at a time.

The fall grant application window has closed effective October 7, 2022. All applicants will be notified whether they have been selected as a recipient by October 24.

The spring award window will open from January 9 – February 10, 2023.*
*One award per teacher per year.


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Thousand Oaks, CA 91360

Phone: 805-410-3497

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