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Conejo Schools Foundation

The Conejo Schools Foundation supports excellence in teaching and learning in our local public schools.  Our Initiatives include:

Cash4Conejo Classrooms
Focus on the Arts
‚ÄčIn the Groove
Safety and Wellness
Endowment and Naming


The Conejo Schools Foundation is proud to support teachers going above and beyond in their TK-12 classrooms, through Cash 4 Conejo Classrooms, an individual classroom grants program. Each $250 grant is used to directly affect and enrich students' educational experiences.

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Congratulations to our 2015- 16 Cash4Conejo Classroom Grantees to date:

Lisa Henningsen, Acacia Elementary ~ Island of the Blue Dolphins Trip
Mary Beth Stovall, Acacia Elementary ~ Cooking with Books Project
Lori Brown, Aspen Elementary ~ Island of the Blue Dolphins Trip
Kathi Byington, Aspen Elementary ~ Autobiography Project
Terry Culpepper, Aspen Elementary ~ Osmo 
Samantha Birg, Aspen Elementary ~ Blue Dolphin Days' Trip
Susan Begg, Banyan Elementary ~ OSMO
Michelle Eby, Banyan Elementary ~ Microscopes
Susan Forte, Banyan Elementary ~ Memory Books
Becky Herbert, Banyan Elementary ~ Zoo Trip
Brynn Hutchison, Banyan Elementary ~ Magazine Fun
Lori Marzalek, Banyan Elementary ~ Clay Project
Pamela Rice, Banyan Elementary ~ Blue Dolphin Days' Trip
Julie Spurlock, Banyan Elementary ~ Penny Project
Sue Lewis, EARThS Magnet School ~ FOSS Sound and Light project
Clark Barnett, Lang Ranch Elementary ~ 3D Printing and More
Erica Merziotis, Madrona Elementary ~ Fort Project
Laura Detweiler, Redwood Middle School ~ WEB Team Building Activities
Donna Mazza, Redwood Middle School ~ DBQ Projects
Kira Krukowski, Sycamore Canyon ~ Peter Rabbit Project

Malena Murray, Sycamore Canyon ~ Flip Book Project
Doris MacDonald, Thousand Oaks High School ~ Solar Car Project
Sandra Martinez-Galvan, Thousand Oaks High School ~ Spanish Games & Activities
Lisa Ravitch, Thousand Oaks High School ~ Annenberg Space for Photography Trip
Anna Sobrino, Thousand Oaks High School ~ Orchestral Clinic
Julie Conway, University Be Me ~ Hands On Math Enrichment
Lisa Moxley, Westlake High School ~ Aquatic Ecosystem Project
Jennifer Rogstad, Westlake High School ~ Clay Project
Monica Beck, Conejo Valley High School ~ Mission Possible
Carrie Sonstegard, Acacia Elementary ~ Chicken Incubation Project
Jill Onstot, Acacia Elementary ~ Chicken Incubation Project
Dr. Nikki Maholtra, Thousand Oaks High School ~ Speaker Series
Kristen Miller, Acacia Elementary ~ Jewelry Making
Dr. Victoria Sonstegard, Thousand Oaks High School ~ Printmaking Workshop
Jennifer Fry, EARThS Magnet School ~ Engineering/Building Manipulatives
Erin Truesdale, Sycamore Canyon ~ Reading A - Z
Julie Simko, Acacia Elementary ~ Where Food Comes From Gardening Project
Julie Nerland, Ladera Elementary ~ Clay Project
Ashley Cooper, Thousand Oaks High School ~ Children's Book Project
Cara Shea, Thousand Oaks High School ~ Wireless Drawing Tables

Congratulations to our 2014-15 Cash4Conejo Classroom Grantees:

Jonathan Gillette, Century High School  ~Scientific Calculators
Lisa Ryder, Westlake High Schoo l~ Finch Robots/Computer Programming
Kerri Yim, Maple Elementary ~ Yoga Direct
Cheryl Babcock,Maple Elementary ~ Yoga Direct
Kathi Byington,  Aspen Elementary ~ Poetry book project
Raelynne Lorenz, Banyan Elementary ~ Expanding Expressions Tool -Language Arts
Diana Maiorc, Los Cerritos Middle School Owl ~ Pellets
Ashley Cooper, Thousand Oaks High School ~ Current Events in Science
Donna Maza, Redwood Middle School ~ Teacher Curriculum Institute books - Common Core
Brinden Wohlstattar, Thousand Oaks High School ~ Presepolis - Graphic Novel
Jordan Daigneault, Thousand Oaks High School Camtasia ~ Video tool for Flipped Classroom
Nancy Tracy, Lang Ranch Elementary ~ Lego Exploration & More
Rhonda Frohn, Thousand Oaks High School ~ Current Events in Science
Joan Hartigan, Weathersfield Elementary ~ Brainpop
Tresa Kassan, Be Me Preschool ~ Sensory Learning materials
Haley Carroll,  Sycamore Canyon School ~ Spanish books
Sonia Corlew,Sycamore Canyon School ~ Animal Farm Project
Julie Nerland, Ladera Elementary ~ Kindle Project
Karen Alexander, Century High School ~ School Garden
Rebecca Palmer, Banyan Elementary ~ Fantastic Fridays Clay Project
Melissa Wood-Glusac, Thousand Oaks High School~ Scholastic's New York Times UpFront Magazine
Nikki Maholtra, Thousand Oaks High School  ~Science Speaker Series at the Discovery Center
Nancy Joly-Cause, Redwood Middle School ~ Teacher Curriculum Institute books - Common Core
Monica Beck, Conejo Valley High School ~Community Service and Volunteerism School Garden
Jason Loose, Thousand Oaks High School ~ Skritter
Kira Krukowski, Sycamore Canyon School ~ Ira Says Goodbye "7"
Sheri Leiken, Weathersfield Elementary ~ Lunchtime Science Bunch
Karla Stevenson, Sequoia Middle School ~ Guitar Program
Laura McDermott, Weathersfield Elementary ~ Literacy Station - technology for Language Arts
Teri Agor, Weathersfield Elementary ~ Literacy Station - technology for Language Arts
Gini Bartley, Redwood Middle School~Science Fun
Julie Spurlock, Banyan Elementary ~ Penny Project
Lanette Clifford, Cypress Elementary ~ Author Materials
Karin Kritscher, Cypress Elementary ~ Author Materials
Brian Balsley, Glenwood Elementary ~ Solar System Books
Dana Thompson, Maple Elementary ~ Interactive Software/DVD set
Valerie Arkle, Thousand Oaks High School ~ Thermal Energy Transfer and Design Lab materials
Toni Young, Thousand Oaks High School ~ Auquaponics system equipment
Kim Lewis, Glenwood Elementary ~ Manipulatves and Listening Center CD
Ashley Clark, Maple Elementary ~ Visual Support materials

Congratulations to our 2013-14 grant recipients:  

Kristin Majda, Thousand Oaks High School
Jennifer Lockwood, Newbury Park High School
Danielle Barra, Newbury Park High School 
Constance Cordeiro-Weidner, Ladera 
Randee Levy, Ladera 
Roland Macasieb, Conejo Valley High School
Lee Svoboda, Conejo Valley High School
Stephen Kozlowski, Conejo Valley High School 
Monica Beck, Colina 
Brenda Lavin, Conejo Valley High School 
Susan Lewis, EARThS 
Monica M. Kern, Colina 
Ann Oppenheim, Ladera 
Cameron White, Conejo Valley High School 
Brianna Harris, Newbury Park High School 
Brian Tash, Redwood 
Lynne Kelsey, Westlake High School 
Lorraine Epstein, Ladera  
Carol Krupansky, Sequoia 
Kristen Terrill-Maturo, Sequoia 
Lori Marzalek, Banyan 
Julie Conway, University Preschoolt
Kathi Byington, Aspen 
Joan Hartigan, Weathersfield
Laura Detweiler, Redwood
Heather Farrell, Thousand Oaks High School
Tina Huang, Sequoia
Ashley Cooper, Thousand Oaks High School
Terry MacDonald, Maple
Lisa Ravitch, Thousand Oaks High School
Christy Herrera, Century High School
Susan Ramage, Thousand Oaks High School
Veronica Bass, Thousand Oaks High School
Michelle May, Wildwood
Ashley Clark, Maple
Shauna Behm, Maple
Kim Lewis, Glenwood
Kris Lopez, Walnut
Amanda Haver, Aspen
Lorena Caulfield, Newbury Park High School
Jennifer Boyd, Westlake High School
Emily Kneller, Aspen
Anthony Martone, Thousand Oaks High School
Kris Olson, Colina
Kimberly Skellenger, Sequoia
Muriel Miller, Glenwood
Julie Spurlock, Banyan
Nicole Wall, Colina
Carl Reichenberger, Thousand Oaks High School 
Heather Austin, Thousand Oaks High School
Julie Nerland, Walnut
Becky Reznick, Maple
Audrey Rollins, Westlake High School
Mandy Nygren, Glenwood
Jennifer Fisher, Aspen
Lisa Anthony, Sycamore Canyon
Suzie Cooper, Sycamore Canyon
Allison Nazzaro, Madroña
Laura Pewe, EARThS
Leilani Alamillo, Newbury Park High School


Laura Pewe, EARThS 
Zachary Snow, Redwood 
Dana Grooms, Thousand Oaks High School 
Ashley Cooper, Thousand Oaks High School
Concie Bringas, Weathersfield
Lynn Quick, Weathersfield
Bill McGovern, Weathersfield
Dustin Friedman, Conejo
Robin Tyler, Walnut
Kimberly Forrest, Acacia
Colleen Poling, Aspen
Lori Brown, Aspen
Terri Culpepper, Aspen
Julie Spurlock, Banyan
Lori Marzalek, Banyan
Anne Fruehling, Colina
Natalie Smith, Conejo 
Megan Triplett, Conejo OCLM
Sue Lewis, EARThS Magnet
Kathi Byington, Aspen 
Emily Kneller, Aspen 
Diane Barrett, Aspen 
Nancy Tracy, Lang Ranch 
Janet Taylor, Sycamore Canyon 
Patti McNamara, Thousand Oaks HS
Melissa Wood-Glusac, Thousand Oaks HS
Rhonda Frohn, Thousand Oaks HS
Joan Hartigan, Weathersfield 
Jennifer Boyd, Westlake HS
Ashley Callan, Maple 
Patricia Van Ommeren, Maple 
Haley Carroll, Sycamore Canyon MS
Christy Arnold, Sycamore Canyon 
Debbie Neshek, Sycamore Canyon 
Kate Taillon, Sycamore Canyon 
Mary Catherine Shmina, Sycamore Canyon 
Lisa Anthony, Sycamore Canyon 
Sandra Martinez-Galvan, Thousand Oaks HS
Stephanie Lopez, Ladera  
Cheryl Babcock, Maple 
Leslie Martinez, Redwood MS
Karen Abbitt, Sequoia MS
Nikki Malhotra, Thousand Oaks HS
Heather Farrell, Thousand Oaks HS
Kristi Hronek, Westlake HS
Susan Rogers, Cypress 
Tammy Edwards, Maple 
Anne-Marie Cavanah, Maple 
Tasha Spangler, Westlake  
Owen Ryan, Century Academy
Frankie Perez, Conejo 
Debbie Boden, Los Cerritos MS
Elissa Ahankoob, Sequoia MS
Karla Stevenson, Sequoia MS
Wendy Ridenour, Westlake 
Maria Scirone, Westlake HS
Marianne Preston, Westlake HS


Christine Powell, Thousand Oaks HS 
Karla Stevenson, Sequoia MS 
Pamela Laack, Madroña 
Cindy Phillips, Walnut 
Rhonda Frohn, Thousand Oaks HS
Linda Moore, Colina MS 
Amanda Haver, Aspen 
Trudi Babich, Redwood MS 
Constance Cordeiro-Weidner, Ladera 
Erica Merziotis, Acacia 
Robert Martin, Newbury Park HS 
Susan Lewis, EARThS Magnet 
Shannon Van Wagner, Aspen 
Ashley Cooper, Thousand Oaks HS
Steve Latshaw, Westlake Hills 
Paula Golem, Lang Ranch 
Heather Farrell, Thousand Oaks HS 
Susan Moore, Lang Ranch 
Kathi Byington, Aspen 
Melissa Wood Glusac, Thousand Oaks HS 
Allen Saute, Sequoia
Nicole N Wall, Colina
Marsha Jones, Conejo Valley HS 
Janet Dieterle, Madroña 
Sandy Eicher, Madroña
Donna Luft, Madroña
Linda Sigelakis, Ladera
Lanette Clifford, Cypress
Rich Bateman, Sycamore Canyon
Kelly MacDonald, Glenwood
Muriel Miller, Glenwood
Monica Beck, Colina
Cheryl Babcock, Maple 
Veronica Virgen, Lang Ranch
Christy Button, Aspen
Tammy Farhit, Aspen 
Maria Scirone, Westlake HS
Claudia Caudill, Newbury Park HS
Stephen Kozlowski, Colina 
Melissa Spiegel, Westlake Elementary
Laura Pewe, EARThS Magnet
Karin Kritscher, Cypress
Jennifer Fisher, Aspen
Mary Beth Stovall, Acacia
Veronica Bass, Thousand Oaks HS
Jen Smith, Thousand Oaks HS
Christi Wyrrick, Westlake Hills
Mae Robin Joaquin, Weathersfield
Corinne McKean, Newbury Park HS
Kelly Lovenson, Westlake Elementary
Amy Weidman, Newbury Park HS
Denise Agapoff, Colina

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(805) 497-9511 ext 410
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