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Dear Conejo Valley Unified School District Parents and Friends:

We do not have to tell you that our country’s economic situation is grim. We hesitated to send you this letter requesting a donation to our schools.  However, our Board agrees that this is a pivotal time to invest in the future by investing in our children’s education.

You know that your tax dollars do not pay for a complete public education. The recently passed California budget reveals even more drastic cuts to education funding and our schools and teachers are being asked to do more with fewer resources.

Did you know:  According to the School Services of California, California currently ranks 47th out of 50 states in per-student spending for education.   

Did you know: California is one of only a handful of states to cut its Education budget.

Did you know: Our school district is being forced once again to tap into budget reserves and potentially scale back certain educational programs as a result of budget cuts imposed by the State of California.Without new sources of revenue, the quality of education that our children enjoy—the quality we expect and demand in the Conejo Valley—will erode even further.

Did you know: You can help!

Your Conejo Schools Foundation (CSF) was created five years ago to assist with challenges like these.  We need your donations to bridge the gap.  Every dollar counts!

Not only can you make a difference by a donation to the Conejo Schools Foundation today, but we encourage you to tell your neighbors, friends and family about our efforts.  It takes all of us to ensure a bright future for our schools and children!


Your tax-deductible support of the Conejo Schools Foundation makes a difference.  We are a non-profit group of concerned parents, business people and educators whose local fundraising efforts augment state and federal resources without their restrictions.  Our long-term goal is to build a self-sustaining endowment fund, already supported through the pacesetting vision and generosity of friends like the Kenrose Kitchen Table Foundation in memory of Julie P. Power, Renee and Robert Nunn, and the Oaks Mall.  Our quest is to build this fund through broader participation to a level worthy of our wonderful Conejo Valley.

Your partnership is crucial to the success of every student!  Please fill out and return the enclosed response envelope and include your tax-deductible donation today, or contribute online.  Any amount you give brings us one step closer to creating a reliable and sustainable local source of funds.

Thank you for your continued support of our children—our most precious natural resource and our greatest hope for the future!

The Conejo Schools Foundation Board of Directors
The Conejo Schools Foundation is a non-profit 501 (c)(3) organization #02-0705355. 

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The Conejo Schools Foundation Board is comprised of volunteers from our community including business & community leaders, parents, teachers, and school administrators.



(805) 497-9511 ext 410
(805) 497-2581 Fax

1400 E Janss Road
Thousand Oaks, CA 91362